Order entry & printing for wholesale distributors
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Ordering & printing… ZiiZii makes it easy!

Receive orders from your clients automatically, 24/7. The ZiiZii mobile app and web portal allows customers to not only stay updated about your product lineup and make orders, but also to revolutionize the way you print your shelf labels.

Current Order Guide

Printed order guides are expensive to produce and distribute. ZiiZii includes an electronic order guide that is always up-to-date.

No More Fax Orders

Constantly taking phone or fax orders? Completely eliminate this time consuming, error prone and expensive ordering method with ZiiZii.

BYOD Order Entry

With the ZiiZii app customers can use their own mobile device to place orders. You no longer have to supply or repair order terminals.

On Demand Shelf Labels

Printing large numbers of labels but finding that most are being thrown away? Use ZiiZii to print just the labels you need as required.

"ZiiZii has been a great asset to our company.

… We have found it easy to set up and easy to use on the web and on smart tablets. The ZiiZii design team has proven very responsive and forward thinking. I would recommend ZiiZii as a simple, economical and effective order system for any distribution company.”
– R.M.

"The consistency and reliability of the ZiiZii sales app...

… have far exceeded our expectations. The support we receive from their sales and development team are second to none. They are constantly innovating their product and growing alongside of us.
– P.C.

"The app is sleek, stable and simply performs.

… Adopting ZiiZii as our order entry solution was a straight forward and easy process. Overnight, we went from outdated technology with expensive hardware to the cutting edge of our industry. My sales reps and more importantly, my customers love it. It is intuitive and requires no training for end users. ”
– A.M.

"We are extremely satisfied with ZiiZii.

… The product is user friendly and our customers are pleased with the ZiiZii ordering system. The Support staff address issues immediately and they listen to suggestions. It’s a pleasure to work with the great staff at ZiiZii.”
– L.L.

"ZiiZii has been a great asset to our business ...

… as it’s economically priced and extremely easy to use. The setup was quick and we find that users enjoy using it right away with little to no training. The team at ZiiZii has been a real pleasure to work with and we recommend them to anyone who is looking to provide their customers and sales reps with an efficient and modern ordering solution.”
– N.G.

"Once we made our decision to use ZiiZii,

… their staff made the installation extremely simple and end user training was quick and easy. We are extremely satisfied with our decision to use the ZiiZii solution and would recommend them to you as an excellent company.”
– M.P.

"ZiiZii has greatly increased our ability ...

… to better serve our customers through multiple options and continued room to expand data access. Currently we have almost 500 customers using the ZiiZii solution without any issues.”
– M.C.

"The things I really like about ZiiZii ...

… are the people, service and product dependability. Many companies that we deal with today treat you like you’re just another user after the sale. ZiiZii makes us feel special and listens to our ideas. On top of that ZiiZii works as promised and has helped us improve our business and orders with our customers.”
– G.N.

"We have just started using ZiiZii ...

… and it is already a hit with our customers. One customer said that we are ‘the best’ for introducing them to ZiiZii. ZiiZii has been a pleasure to work with and responds to issues or suggestions.”
– M.F.

"The ZiiZii app is awesome!

… Our customers are saying it’s the best app in the business.”
– G.D.

"ZiiZii is everything it says it is and more.

… Our salesmen and customers simply love it. It is easy to enroll customers, it is easy to install on mobile devices and, of most important, very user friendly. There are no hidden costs and their customer service is impeccable. Using ZiiZii is a no-brainer. It is more than an ordering tool…it is a wonderful customer satisfaction tool! ”
– T.J.

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