Run your business from anywhere

Monitor and control your business resources including payrolls, invoicing, inventory, and others. ZiiZii ERP is the one tool you need to keeping track of your company resources and how your money is being spent.

Anywhere, Anytime

Out of the office but need access? ZiiZii ERP is a cloud based solution so you can view your data anywhere, at anytime on any device.

Disaster Recovery

Built in backup’s with geo-redundancy gives you the security of knowing that your most important business system will always be online.

Modern Interface

It’s the 21st century so why are you still using a ‘green screen’? ZiiZii ERP has a familiar, easy to use and modern interface.

Open Approach

Plug and play connections to many of the most popular web applications are available out of the box making it easy to interface your data.

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